What were you afraid of as a child? Every child has their own fear at a young age. And most of the children’s fears are associated with the dark and strangers. “Man from the Window” is a creepy story that is full of various exciting moments. There are few episodes with active actions, but the whole plot is structured in such a way that it easily paralyzes the player’s mind, forcing them to relive their deepest fears again and again.

Play and enjoy!

You will be visiting a little rabbit. He lives in a small house with his mother. As soon as you start playing actively, the character will be left alone at home. And all this time, his actions will be closely watched from the other side of the window.
Your hidden watcher is a terrible monster. He waits for the right moment to enter the house. The rabbit notices a rustle and some strange movements outside the window and understands that there is someone there. He is gripped by fear.
From sudden sounds, convulsions run through the body. The monster could be in the home at any moment. What can stop him? The characters of the game world are in serious danger and their survival in this nightmarish story now depends on you!

The Man From The Window

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