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Do you know what is the most famous horror game in the world? Of course, this is One Night at Flumpty’s, or ONAF for short. It was created by independent developer John Kitzman (Jonochrome) in 2014, and has become popular in the gaming community due to its atmosphere and funny, but at the same time creepy characters. The game also has several sequels.


On our site you can get acquainted with several variations of ONAF, available for launch simply from a browser. We offer only the original, the very first and complete versions, official sequels, as well as mods that combine all the mechanics of previous games.

In all versions, all the wishes of the fans were taken into account and some errors were corrected. You can use the modification, which provides full access to all the functionality of the game.

You will play as a character imprisoned in an abandoned building and must survive for five nights. To do this, you need to evade the animatronics that are trying to kill him. One of the main antagonists is Flumpty Bumpty, a creature that follows the player and spawns in various parts of the building. In addition to them, you will meet many more curious virtual creatures.


ONAF contains several characters, some of which are the main antagonists of the game. We are sure you want to get to know them:

● Flumpty Bumpty – the main antagonist, an egg-shaped creature that follows the player and appears in various places in the building;
● Eggman – the second antagonist, a large egg with sharp teeth and tongue;
● Mario – an unusual character, is not an antagonist, he just wanders around the building, making sounds;
● Clive – one of the antagonists, he resembles a large bird with three eyes;
● The Beaver – an animatronic who can hide behind a wall;
● Jonny Dusk is a skeleton that walks around the building and makes frightening noises.
Each of these characters has its own unique characteristics, attack options and behaviors that you will need to learn in order to survive.

Gameplay Features

The gameplay is typical for horror-adventure games with elements of survival. Its main feature is a CCTV camera system that allows the user to keep an eye on the animatronics and make sure they don’t get close to him. However, the use of cameras increases the consumption of electricity, which is limited in supply. If the player does not use them sparingly, then the energy may run out, and then the animatronics will be able to attack him suddenly.

Another feature is the random behavior of the animatronics. You have to watch their movement and try to predict where they are heading in order to evade them.

The game also has different endings depending on whether the player can survive all five nights. Each ending has a separate plot and will give different results.

Control keys:
● W, A, S, D – movement of the character;
● Left mouse button – use the camera;
● Right mouse button – close the door.
● SPACE key – allows you to quickly switch between cameras.

Management is quite simple and intuitive. The game also has a settings menu that allows you to adjust graphics, sound, and other settings. These and many other features have made this software very popular among horror fans of all age groups.

Can you survive at least one night in such conditions? Launch the game and check how brave you are! And remember, the ending will largely depend on your actions.

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