One Night at Flumpty’s is a new horror game that is very popular among fans of this genre. It was created by John Kin, the author of the famous game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” (Five Nights with Freddy), which at one time captured the whole world and won the hearts of millions of fans in different countries.
Here you also have to survive for one night in an abandoned hospital, where the character will face many dangers, including various killers and maniacs.

Scare and tickle the nerves

It has plenty of jumpscares that will make hearts skip a beat. The most famous intimidation jumps are associated with the main characters – Flumpty Bumpty (Flumpty Bumpty) and his friends.
Flumpty Bumpty is an egg with eyes and a big smile who is the main character. He can appear at any moment and turn into a bloodthirsty killer. When the player encounters him, the screen flashes and Flumpty attacks with a “Bawk Bawk!”
Other characters that can pop up on the locations of this world at any time:
• Clown. He appears around the corner and attacks with his terrible knife.
• Eggs Bendy (Eggs Benedict). They emerge from the eggs and attack with an eerie sound.
• Sad Cat. He pretends to be harmless, but he can attack at any moment.
• Bieber (Beaver). He attacks suddenly with his sharp teeth
• Carrot Man. He appears from around the corner and attacks the player with his sharp teeth.
Each of these characters has unique abilities, and is able to cause real horror. If a person cannot defend against all the characters and survive until the end of the night, he will lose this fight.
One Night at Flumpty’s is an extreme game that requires fast reactions and good survival skills. They need to use their sharp wits and intuition to survive one night in a world where every corner can hide danger. Assembly with all versions will allow you to have fun and for several hours, enjoying a variety of characters and the horrors of a psychiatric clinic!

One Nights At Flumpty’s All Jumpscares

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