The creepy story of the disappearance of children from the Banban Garden continues. The horror is well-made and of high quality: it has realistic graphics, a well-thought-out plot and various options for its implementation, as well as a series of mini-games for boosting logical thinking.
The developer managed to create a series of exciting games based on puzzles of varying difficulty. The player is interested in finding out all the frightening secrets hidden deep in the dungeon located under the kindergarten.
To unravel the mystery of the existence of evil forces, the character descends into a mysterious laboratory. Along the way, you need to explore the entire dungeon. There are dozens of hidden doors behind which hide their secrets. Each passage opens only after successfully solving the next task: it can be a puzzle, finding a key using clues, or another puzzle.

Your enemy is a painted monster!

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of real horror helps specific music and graphics. Cute creatures are painted on the walls of the kindergarten. They are bright, interesting and look very friendly. Some of them will really be able to help you in a difficult situation, while others, on the contrary, will lead you straight to the lair of the main boss. Get ready for the final meeting with him: pump up your skills, go through all the levels to find out how to defeat the frightening monster.

Garten Of Banban 3

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