A bloodthirsty action game, for the passage of which you need to be patient and show all your courage and fearlessness. There are many monsters and creepy creatures in the game world that hunt for pure human souls. Don’t let them catch you and stay safe by following the prompts!

How to pass the game?

The new gaming universe will make your nerves tremble endlessly. The graphic execution here is right on point: the rich bloody dark red color of the corridors and rooms creates a tense atmosphere. Each episode is accompanied by a specific musical arrangement. Unexpected encounters with monsters require you to show composure and quickly make the right decisions for survival.
Get ready for the scariest challenge of your life and open your first door in a country hotel!
Roblox Doors will plunge you into the world of locked doors. Your task is to open them one by one, hiding from the pursuing creatures. Each door has its own individual key. You can find it by exploring the location or by using clues left on various items. Each locker, table, piece of wall can guide your further actions. To survive, move stealthily, open combination locks and don’t waste precious time, otherwise you will be overtaken by a monster.

Roblox Doors

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