Adventure-style horror is a popular genre of online games that capture the attention of the gamer from the first minutes and plunge him into the world of dangerous and often unpredictable events.

Pass difficult tests and become a hero!

Exploring locations will help you quickly deal with your main task as the main character of the game. Passing the levels will not take much time, but it will bring a lot of pleasure from revealing the dark secrets and mysteries of the game world.
You will find yourself in a country house that you inherited from your aunt. This object is abandoned, without repair, with dark rooms. You’ll find a TV and worn video cassettes. Turn on one of them. A program for children will start with the main character – Amanda and her pet. Maybe they need your help?
The plot unwinds gradually and is accompanied by puzzles. To solve them, connect your cunning, logic and ingenuity.
The stylistic design of the game world is reminiscent of the 90s. Drawing and graphics lag far behind modern animation, but this is the main idea of the developer.
The gamer communicates directly with the characters enclosed in the TV. Each hero has his own frightening and creepy story, try to help them without losing your own mind.

Amanda The Adventurer

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