A successful story in the style of horror, which, despite the simple gameplay and unpretentious graphics, makes the game process exciting and intriguing.
During the passage, the gamer will receive a huge boost of energy and incredible sensations, because he has to protect large robot dolls with a creepy appearance. There is something hellish and sinister in the appearance of the toys. Each doll is like an ordinary piece of iron with absurdly connected parts – body parts with a blank look. But do not prematurely think that these are just robots. These are intelligent creatures that have developed thinking.
They are ways to scare you to death. To survive, you will have to run away or give a worthy rebuff. However, this version of the franchise has some unexpected plot twists, so be on the lookout.
The difficulty of passing is increased due to the large number of new contacts with different creatures and heroes. There are more enemies on your way, so it will be harder for you to save your life and stay unharmed.

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location

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