In the world of online games, there is a scary horror that will keep the gamer in wild tension until the very end. This is a story about a distant island, where rich events take place every day.

Don’t get caught in iron teeth!

The island is inhabited, miners and their families live here. They are used to hiding every night from the evil that keeps all living things in fear. The arachnid creature is shaped like a real railroad train. Only he moves not only on scheduled flights, but on any location. The monster is able to grab everything that moves on the move with the help of its sharp paws and quickly grind its victims with its teeth in several rows.
The regular nourishment of a creature with pure souls keeps it alive. Therefore, the bloodthirsty spider never stops and hunts every day. Save the islanders from a terrible scourge! To fight the boss fight, you have to go through a lot of obstacles, overcome deadly dangers, bypass traps and solve difficult puzzles. You won’t have time to be bored. Each level is a new interesting test that brings you closer to victory. But beware of those who managed to take the side of evil: they are among people and have already declared a hunt.

Choo Choo Charles

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