One Night at Flumpty’s 2 is the sequel to the popular horror game developed by John King. This app offers a new level of horror and passion, and combines elements of classic horror and survival strategy.

Game story and gameplay

The action takes place in the same world as in the first part. The user is now hired as a security guard in an abandoned psychiatric institution, where strange and terrifying creatures live! But this time, instead of Flumpty Bumpty, the participant will have to face a new villain – The Redman, who is the main antagonist throughout the campaign.
The main goal is to survive at work for five nights, while various terrifying creatures are trying to attack the new guard and destroy him. The user must use various mechanics, monitor images from cameras, close doors and windows more tightly, and do everything to stop creatures from entering the protected premises.
The next night can become more and more difficult, and a person must quickly adapt to the changing situation in order to survive. The story also has several different endings, like the previous part, and the ending depends on what choice the user makes in the process.

New characters and atmosphere of virtual horror

The character selection menu includes new personalities such as Gringoza (Grunkfuss the Clown), Barbecue (BBQ), and Corrupted (The Redman), each with their own special characteristics and specific abilities.
As in the first part, the atmosphere in this virtual space is very tense and filled with many frightening elements. The project has a dark and frightening character and level design that helps to feel real horror.
ONAF 2 is a wonderful continuation of the series that deserves attention from both fans of the original and those who are looking for traditional horror and like to tickle their nerves.

One Night At Flumpty’s 2

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